Knitted and Crochet Shawl-Strap

This shawl-strap is worked with light brown zephyr worsted, crosswise, in elastic knitting, not too loose, however, in rounds going back and forth, and is edged with crochet points of dark brown worsted. Begin the knitting with a foundation of 14 st. (stitch). On these work the 1st round-All knit plain. 2d round -All purled. Sl. (slip) the first st. of each round, and knit off the last st.; as these two st. do not belong to the design, they are not referred to again in the following pattern rounds. 4th round.-2 sl. (always slip these 2 st. off together, as if going to purl them), lay the thread back of the st., 3 k. (knit plain), 2 sl., 3 k., 2 sl. 5th round.-.-2 sl., lay the thread before the st., 3 p. (purled), 2 sl., 3 p., 2 sl. 6th and 7th rounds-Like the 4th and 5th rounds. 8th round-Like the 4th round. These eight rounds are repeated constantly. Care should he taken that the thread which lies back of or before the sl. in the 4th-8th rounds is neither left too loose nor drawn too tight; the length of this thread should exactly correspond to the space taken up by the corresponding 2 st. Having finished the knitting, border the shawl-strap all around with 1 picot round, working with dark brown worsted, always alternately, 1 single crochet on the outer edge, 1 picot (5 chain stitches and 1 single crochet on the first chain stitch); pass over a corresponding interval of the outer edge with the picot. Finally, fasten tabs of brown carriage leather furnished with a button-hole each on the ends, and set several buttons on the opposite ends, as shown by Fig. 1, which shows the strap inclosing a shawl. Fig. 2, page 340, shows a full-sized section of the strap.